Find it insanely difficult to write about myself, seems like a Grade 4 essay topic on “ME!”, where i used to detail about my physical appearance, much to my teachers’ dismay. And then there would be a huge question mark on my forehead simply asking “now what?”

I am a Musaafir – As they say in Urdu – A traveller in all respects; journeying through various roles of life, adrift at times and ever so often rafting. Innately grateful to the Universe for all the streams that swam before me – and I am ; enabling, swirling, falling, rising – constantly on the loop!

My favorite word is Tishnagee – Again an urdu word, which just doesn’t have an english counterpart. Although in simpler terms it means ‘a longing’ – but for me it is that sound of beads when thrown in an empty clay vessel, the rain that never quite soaks, the dream that often comes in wakefulness , the silent smile, the eyes that well up on the edges, the bereft, crooked, jagged pottery bowl…

The rest of me is right here on this platform … echoes, thoughts, reflections!