I used to wonder if hurtful words are more harming or ungainly actions, and also not sure which precedes what. Words or actions, either or, they are both expressions being hurled at us. More than anything, it is the cadence, the tempo and the rhythm at which they are hurled. The words themselves might be meaningless, however, the fury behind them kills it all.

When hurtful words are hurled at us, it is often the ego that screams for a reaction, a reaction so forceful that it demands a retort, inclusive of the same venom. The ego feels injured more than our real being. The loud egoic voice in our head, constantly demanding answers, vying for attention, preying on negativity – blinds us, prevents us from taking a step back, breathing in some fresh oxygen – OUCH!

And before we know the damage has been done!

Sarcasm, hatred, anger, jealousy, negativity all stem from fear – and the most delicious meal that the executive ego fancies is fear. The ego hunts for little remnants of fear, deeply embedded in our pain bodies, using a bicycle pump inflates it, dresses it up like a role play costume and puts forward a mask that can sometimes be anger or sarcasm or any negative emotion for that matter

As Eckhart Tolle, explains in his latest book, The New Earth we all have pain bodies, simply stated – ego breeding spaces in our minds and bodies. It exists in all of us. The executive ego needs to feed on disappointment, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy and so much more. Pain body rises from genetic, environmental, emotional and physical baggage, that we tend to store within. The ego feeds on the past, anytime we feel we have been wrongly dealt with, feeds on elements that give it a further boost, leading us to think victimization, think anger, think judgmentally, reach baseless conclusions and the list goes on and on. The relationship between the pain body and the ego is filling each other up to the brim.

An explosive marriage between the ego and pain body plays a huge role in splintering our relationship with ourselves more than anything else. Our inner bonds are bombarded away in a deathlier manner than our external relationships. Every time we retort angrily we lose ourselves more than the outward loss, a bitter remark ignites more within than outside, a sarcastic retaliation annihilates the inner nerves more than outer ones …OUCH

And before we know the damage has been done!

Featured Photograph : Mud Volcano in Hingol National Park, enroute Makran Coastal Highway in the Gwadar/Awaran District , Pakistan